Personal Personality Archetypes

I have my own personality archetypes. These are different aspects of my personality, that function in different ways. They all have their job to do, both alone and in concert with the other aspects of my personality. Please understand that this does not mean that I have multiple personality disorder. On the contrary, all these aspects of my personality are fully integrated into who I am. They are complementary, and sometimes more than one is functioning at a time. Christians had to come up with the “Holy Trinity” to explain different aspects of God, but there is still just one God. (Please note: I am not comparing myself with God or saying I am God).

I just looked up the “Names of God and their meanings” on Google. One list has 600+ names! That doesn’t mean that there are 600 different Gods, just one God with 600+ different aspects to the Holy personage.

Freud came up with the Id, Ego, and Superego, to explain personality. He and Jung had differing views of the conscious or subconscious. Be it as it may, they didn’t see them as existing separate from each other, but integrated together and working together, and influencing each other in different ways. So it is with the different archetypes of my personality.

I have identified ten different personality archetypes that make me what I am. They are, in no particular order:

  1. The Clown
  2. The Warrior
  3. The Scholar
  4. The Loner
  5. The Artist
  6. The Rebel
  7. The Scared Child
  8. The Stud
  9. The Moralist
  10. The Mystic

The Clown: He is the one who likes to make jokes and have fun. He is playful, and likes to make people laugh, especially in tense situations. This love of humor comes out of a deep sense of hurt, and not wanting others to suffer the pain he has gone through. He has to be careful that his humor does not come from anger and act as a weapon, especially in conjunction with the Warrior aspect. Being around a Warrior Clown is not a comfortable place to be.

The Warrior: This is the protective, but also assertive part of my personality. Maybe this archetype is not readily apparent, but it is definitely there. It’s always in the background, watching things. Sometimes it acts aggressively, to plow ahead through life’s obstacles, and to take on new challenges. Sometimes it acts as a source of strength to get me through life’s changes and struggles. Sometimes it acts in concert with other aspects of my personality to cause surprises- pleasant and otherwise.

The Scholar: My Intellect, ever seeking and wanting to know the workings and the reasons behind everything, and I do mean Everything. Ever since I was a very young boy, maybe no older than three or four, it’s been my belief that when I die, the secrets of Everything will be made known to me. That all I will have to do is ask a question, and it will be answered. Like:

What happened to Judge Crater?

How do volcanoes really work?

What is the link between Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics?

It gets obsessed about some things, and refuses to get interested in others. Get him interested in something and it can keep me awake for days.

The Loner: He just wants to be left alone. He seeks solitude. This comes mostly from a deep sense of hurt, and from being all too aware of being different, and an outsider. People have hurt me, so The Loner is cautious when approaching or being approached by other people. Because of this aspect, I was very shy, and kept to myself all the time. I purposely isolated myself from others, so I wouldn’t get hurt again. It made me say no to love and friendship, so I had to consciously struggle against this aspect. However, it also helps me, because it knows when it is time to get away, just to recharge the batteries.

The Artist: The creative urge. He is a very strong aspect of my personality. He is always there in the background, usually mixing with the other archetypes, or trying to dominate them. Try to ignore him, and he makes his presence known. He will bust out at times, and keep going until I wear out. He is always looking for new ways to try to express himself, whether through singing, writing, drawing, playing with the kids, putting together presentations, acting, getting in front of a classroom and teaching, telling stories, and many other ways.

The Rebel: The contrary part of my personality. He’s not going to go along with anything, or anyone, because people don’t know anything. When he mixes with the Artist or the Clown Archetypes, watch out. If he and the Warrior become friends (there have been only a few times this has happened), prepare for a nuclear explosion.

The Scared Child: This is where all the hurt and pain from the past resides. He is timid, afraid to move on and try anything new. He takes comfort in routine, and in familiar things and surroundings. He is scared of change or new things and routines. For many years he worked alongside the Loner or the Rebel Archetype, sometimes both, putting me in a bad place.

The Stud: This is where the sexual energy and sexuality lives. He is closely related to the Artist, because when that Archetype comes to the fore, the Stud comes calling also. The Stud demands to have his appetites fed, but has to be kept under control.

The Moralist: This Archetype has the ideal of a perfect world, a utopia, and is greatly disappointed when things don’t turn out that way or hold up to the high standard he has for things. He is a perfectionist, and causes me to always try to be the best at something. What I do, and others do, has to be perfect. He clucks his tongue and wags his finger when people and things fall short. He is a great help, though, in keeping the Stud Archetype under control.

The Mystic: This is my Spiritual side, the part of me that was wondering at four years old about the nature of God, who created God, and realized at that tender age that someday I am going to die. This is the part of me that seeks union with the divine, that wants to experience the true nature of God and the creation, who wants his Spirit to soar among the clouds with the Angels, instead of being stuck in a mundane body tied to the earth. He is one that knows Spirituality is a unique personal thing, and that no religion or teaching can shoehorn you into a reality other than the one valid for you, that you are uniquely enabled, and able to experience and handle. He also works along with the Moralist to keep the stud under control, or with the Artist to create moments of personal joy no one else can understand.


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